By Ryan Christie

Historically, America’s system of higher education was a point of national pride- American universities were, and even now for the most part still is- the best in the world, to the point that students from other continents aspire to study at them. A college education was considered an integral part of the American Dream, central for shaping the intellectual and character of America’s youth for rewarding careers and the betterment of the nation.

For the past several decades, however, the state of the American system of higher education has regressed considerably, case in point being Columbia University in New York City. Founded in 1754, Columbia University is a symbol of the aforementioned ideal of American higher education- it’s alumni and faculty have included seven of the Founding Fathers of the United States, four U.S Presidents, and 10 justices of the Supreme Court, to name a few. Beginning on April 17th, the campus has been illegally occupied by Pro-Palestinian protestors.

The symbolism is chilling. Inside this hallowed place of American intellectual development, students are waving the Palestinian flag, chanting antisemitic and anti-Western slogans, and effectively supporting the governing body of Palestine, which of course is Hamas—the antithesis of everything Columbia University, the United States, and indeed the entire West-stands for.

America’s universities indeed have a serious problem- they have betrayed their purpose in shaping the character and intellectual maturity of their students and preparing them to be civic minded members of society, and instead are allowing them to become aggressive political radicals, largely incapable of critical thinking, disdainful for the rule of law and the rights of other students to continue their education in peace, with little to no reprimand from college administrators or faculty. America’s youth should be skeptical of the university system, and polls show they are- they are increasingly a bad investment, and better opportunities await elsewhere.



What is the Overton Window? it is a definition of a range of policies and ideas politically acceptable to the mainstream population at any given time. Unfortunately, in our polarized political climate, said window seemingly gets smaller and smaller every year. A glaring example of this is the abrupt termination by NBC News of Ronna McDaniel, former chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. NBC News hired McDaniel on March 22, 2024 as a contributor, which given her position in the Republican Party was meant to be a contrasting conservative viewpoint on the otherwise left-leaning news network. McDaniel, of course, is a strong ally of President Trump, and her hiring led to outrage among other hosts for this. NBC immediately buckled under this pressure and parted ways with McDaniel days later.

Now, of course NBC is a private business and as such can manage its employees as it sees fit. But the firing McDaniel is yet another reminder of the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to free speech. The Democratic Party and its allies in the legacy media constantly boast that the stands for free speech and tolerance of differing opinions, but when they are actually faced with having to interact with someone with someone of differing viewpoints the aforementioned Overton Window is promptly closed, in this case solely because Ronna McDaniel is a conservative who supports President Trump. NBC has no problem, however, with having a rotation of Democratic Party operatives and blatantly partisan hosts. For example, Jenn Psaki, the former Press Secretary for President Biden, hosts a show that is virtually identical to that role.

To put it simply, the left-wing hypocrisy regarding freedom of speech goes hand-in-glove with the spinelessness of the legacy media

By Ryan Christie

An entire generation of Americans remembers the excitement of the Space Race of the 1960’s, when in 1961 President John F. Kennedy tasked the nation with a successful crewed moon landing by the end of the decade, which of course was fulfilled on July 20th, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, with Neil Armstrong uttering the famous words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Recently, the American space program has been reinvigorated by private industry, such as Elon Musk’s Space X. In this case, a company called Intuitive Machines out of Texas has successfully built a new lunar lander, named Odysseus, nicknamed “Odie”, and has become the first American made spacecraft to touch down on the moon in over 50 years. With the support of the aforementioned private industries, the American space program is heading towards a renaissance, with another crewed Moon landing planned for the coming years and even a Mars expedition sometime in the decades to come.

The American space program of the 2020’s has much in common with the space program of the 1960’s. Like in the 1960’s, the America of the 2020’s is an often confusing and turbulent place, a time where the country seems to be mired in self-doubt. Yet, watching the American flag placed on the Moon and being saluted by Buzz Aldrin no doubt stirred in many a feeling of hope. America’s scientific and technological capabilities are by far the best in the world, and should be a source pride for our nation.

September 11th, like the attack on Pearl Harbor sixty years earlier, is a date which will forever live in infamy. On that day, Americans woke to a horrific image of smoke billowing out of the World Trade Center; the horrid conclusion of a year’s long plan by 19 terrorists to hijack four airliners to destroy prominent seats of American government and commerce.

In all, nearly 3000 people were killed, and between 6,000-30,000 were injured, many developing lifelong severe health complications from the attack.

September 11th proved that the complacency resulting from the end of the Cold War was false, for simmering in the Middle East was a well funded, well organized cabal of terrorists, whose belief in religious totalitarianism and rejection of American values of republican democracy, human rights and of individual freedom made Islamic fundamentalist terrorism a emerging threat.

Twenty-two years later, unfortunately, it seems that far too many people, namely politicians, have forgot the lessons of that day. September 11th highlighted the the bravery and invaluable service of our first responders. But in the 2020’s, we have decided to malign police officers and idiotically deprive them of the tools and funding needed to serve their communities. September 11th reminded us that for all our differences, Americans are citizens of the same country, and that an attack on some of us is an attack on all of us. Instead, tribalism according to political leanings, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic factors are encouraged and celebrated, further threatening the social cohesion of our country. September 11th exposed the threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, but Joe Biden has chosen to ignore that threat by attempting to reinstate the Iran Nuclear deal and overseeing the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which returned control of a very strategic country to the types of people who orchestrated the September 11th attacks in the first place. 

On this day, September 11th, let us remember the dead and wounded, honor the heroic first responders who willingly sacrificed themselves out of moral duty, and honor the service men and women who keep our country free. 

A Grand Welcome

The atmosphere was electric at the Sequoia Conference Center as attendees gathered for the 2023 Annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner. MC Chairwoman Susan Moxon set the tone for the evening, warmly welcoming a diverse crowd of local Republican supporters. The room buzzed with excitement as she introduced Committee Chairs from various California counties and dignitaries from Humboldt County. Local star Sabrina Francis Gasdik led the crowd in a soul-stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. The audience stood in unison as the national anthem reverberated through the venue.

A Message That Resonated

Harmeet Dhillon, the keynote speaker, captivated everyone with her compelling message. She emphasized the crucial role parents play in their children’s lives, urging them to be vigilant about their education. A key point of her message was to urge us all as parents and caregivers to pay attention to what our children are reading, the clubs they join, and the messages they receive. Dhillon also spoke about the unsettling times we live in, warning against governmental overreach and the erosion of individual freedoms. Her words left the room in thoughtful silence, pondering the call to action.

A Feast to Savor

The dinner, catered by Dorris and Daughter, was nothing short of spectacular. Guests enjoyed a wonderful spread featuring tri-tip, pecan chicken, spinach and Caesar salads, garlic smashed potatoes, and freshly baked rolls. The meal concluded on a sweet note with decadent chocolate cake and a vanilla cake roll.

A Night of Surprises

The silent auction was a highlight, featuring an array of exciting items that had everyone buzzing, including: 

  • Victorian Inn-Suite for one night and Dinner – Lowell and Jenny
  • Dick Taylor Chocolate Variety Basket – Minnie Wolf
  • Culinary Basket – Lisa Morehouse
  • Limited Edition Print of Stellers Jay – Kathrin Burleson
  • Garden Treasure – Shafer’s Ace Hardware
  • Sequoia Tree Plague – Bay Tank and Boilerworks
  • Handmade Pillow – by Louise Gabriella-Genova
  • Going “Nuts” Basket – Susan Moxon
  • Trump Hitch Cover – Paradise Cay Publications
  • Angel of Prayers Statue – Visiting Angels
  • Holy Bible – Nina Groth
  • Redwood Forest Metal Wall Hanging – Lee Cunningham
  • 1 Cord of Firewood – HCSO
  • Desert Wine & Dick Taylor Chocolate – Minnie Wolf
  • Portrait of Ronald Reagan, original painting – Dennis Crozier
  • Connie Lee Original Sweater – Guy and Linda Hooper
  • God and Your Brain and You Book – Nina Groth
  • Wooden Flag Cutting Board – Made and donated by Rich Moxon
  • Succulent Garden in Designer Bowl – Jerrie Bartley
  • Handmade Necklace – Minnie Wolf
  • Weber Kettle – McKinleyville Ace
  • Old Growth Assorted Wines – Old Growth Cellars
  • Handmade Fleece Blanket and Doggy Basket – Don and Kay Becker
  • Patriotic Tote – Susan Moxon
  • Vintage American Flag – Jerrie Bartley
  • Hand Stitched Quilt, Old Glory – Jane Chapelle
  • Hand Made Patriotic Quilt – Jane Chapelle
  • North Coast Hitching Post Cottage, one night stay – Heidi Rubalcava
  • A Fine Bottle of Whiskey – Heidi Rubalcava

Nina Groth was the lucky winner of the Opportunity Drawing, taking home a beautiful Adirondack Glider donated by Rich Moxon.

A Community United

Before and after dinner, the attendees had an opportunity to network and connect with each other; the venue was abuzz with conversation and camaraderie. Attendees engaged in both serious discussions and lighthearted banter, embodying the Republican spirit of community and unity.

A Roaring Success

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee and the Humboldt Republican Women. Their dedication made the 2023 Lincoln Reagan Dinner a roaring success, setting a high bar for future events.As the night came to a close, one thing was clear: this was not just an event but a rallying cry for community involvement and a celebration of shared values. Here’s to many more Lincoln Reagan Dinners to come!

Over the past few weeks, you’ve likely heard of the film Sound of Freedom. It’s been highly successful, grossing some 155 million dollars against a budget of 14 million. It’s also been critiqued by some critics as a “right-wing” or “Christian,” when in reality, it is neither.

If you aren’t familiar with the film’s background, it is inspired by the work of Tim Ballard, an anti-human trafficking advocate who, along with his organization Operation Underground Railroad, is credited with rescuing thousands of victims of child trafficking. The film itself is a story of a long journey by Tim Ballard to reunite a father with his two children, a brother and sister, who are unwittingly abducted by a “talent scout”, and sold to pedophiles.

Owing to its subject matter, the film does not spare the viewer from the sheer evil of pedophilia, the agony and fear the victims of human trafficking face, and the immense pain their families face as they try to find justice. Ultimately, the film is about how, while human beings are indeed capable of great evil, they are equally capable in great acts of courage, heroism, and compassion.

Sound of Freedom is not a film that can be reviewed in a normal sense. While at the surface, the film can be exciting, as Tim travels through dense jungles and exotic city streets, pursuing criminals seeking justice, the film is not meant to entertain. Yet, the film has been labeled falsely as a “Christian” or “right-wing” film.

The only indication of any sort of religious sentiment in the film is the phrase “God’s children are not for sale,” which has since become a rallying call of sorts among the audience. The film has no politics, left or right. Its sole advocacy is for child victims of human trafficking, asking of its audience to awaken a sense of moral duty in themselves, to understand and be compassionate towards the suffering of others. The fact that, somehow this has become a political issue is a sad testament to the current polarization in our country.  

It is in this often confusing and tumultuous period in our country’s history that we seem to lose track of what we are, what we believe, and what we value. Hence, here is the succinct statement of what I believe the Humboldt County Republican Party should stand for.

The Republican Party stands for the principles that the Founding Fathers made into form, handed down and entrusted to future generations for the preservation of the Union. It is these timeless principles that guide us; not radical egalitarianism, not a solipsistic interpretation of the Bill of Rights where it can be altered to suit the whims and tastes of those in power, and most certainly not a post truth viewpoint based in conspiracy theories and disregard for concrete truths. 

Let it be known:

  1. Equal Justice Under the Law. The right to a fair trial as stated in the Bill of Rights is something exceptional that should be cherished and protected, as it is something that is denied to large amounts of people elsewhere in the world.
  2. Free Speech. Like the above, the freedom of speech as outlined in the Bill of Rights is something often denied to people elsewhere in the world. Freedom of Speech, in accordance with the 1st Amendment, as well as state and federal law is something that cannot, will not and should not be denied to the people,
  3. Economic Growth and Opportunity. America is a place that rewards hard work and ingenuity. Since its beginning, native born and immigrants from all over the world alike have set out in this country to have their dreams made into reality, providing goods and services that benefit us all. The American way of the free market and its culture of ingenuity and higher education have made the world a better place.
  4. Lower Taxes. A primary cause of the American Revolution was unfair taxation of the colonies from Great Britain. High taxes place an undue burden on the American people and slow down the economy. 
  5. The Family. The nuclear family is the most important institution in society. Our support for healthy family units and respect of parental authority must never waver, for it is essential for the future of the country. 
  6. The Environment. The Earth is our only home, and it is clearly in our best interest to be responsible stewards of the environment. We believe in reasonable actions to protect the environment, such as civic responsibility and encouragement of scientific innovations without resorting to radical policies that are unfeasible and unduly lower the standard of living for the average American.
  7. The United States is a force for good in the World. The United States has played a major role in combating tyranny and assisting other nations in need throughout its history. Its military is an important bulwark in the world against tyrannical foreign governments that seek to threaten the peace and sovereignty of other nations as well as America itself.
  8. Citizenship Has Meaning. America is a country that was proudly built from the collective efforts of immigrants from all over the world. Being a citizen of the United States means adhering to a set of uniform values and the rule of law. An overly permissive border policy is an abandonment of those principles.
  9. The Right to Bear Arms. The 2nd Amendment right to bear arms shall truly not be infringed, as it protects the American people from the criminal elements of society as well as tyranny from its own government. Excessive and unfeasible gun control laws only serves to infringe on this right, endanger law abiding citizens, and is built on the absurd premise that violent criminals intend on following laws in the first place. Simply put, the responsible and safe use of firearms is something to be encouraged, not condemned.

Written by a member of the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee.