By Ryan Christie

Historically, America’s system of higher education was a point of national pride- American universities were, and even now for the most part still is- the best in the world, to the point that students from other continents aspire to study at them. A college education was considered an integral part of the American Dream, central for shaping the intellectual and character of America’s youth for rewarding careers and the betterment of the nation.

For the past several decades, however, the state of the American system of higher education has regressed considerably, case in point being Columbia University in New York City. Founded in 1754, Columbia University is a symbol of the aforementioned ideal of American higher education- it’s alumni and faculty have included seven of the Founding Fathers of the United States, four U.S Presidents, and 10 justices of the Supreme Court, to name a few. Beginning on April 17th, the campus has been illegally occupied by Pro-Palestinian protestors.

The symbolism is chilling. Inside this hallowed place of American intellectual development, students are waving the Palestinian flag, chanting antisemitic and anti-Western slogans, and effectively supporting the governing body of Palestine, which of course is Hamas—the antithesis of everything Columbia University, the United States, and indeed the entire West-stands for.

America’s universities indeed have a serious problem- they have betrayed their purpose in shaping the character and intellectual maturity of their students and preparing them to be civic minded members of society, and instead are allowing them to become aggressive political radicals, largely incapable of critical thinking, disdainful for the rule of law and the rights of other students to continue their education in peace, with little to no reprimand from college administrators or faculty. America’s youth should be skeptical of the university system, and polls show they are- they are increasingly a bad investment, and better opportunities await elsewhere.



What is the Overton Window? it is a definition of a range of policies and ideas politically acceptable to the mainstream population at any given time. Unfortunately, in our polarized political climate, said window seemingly gets smaller and smaller every year. A glaring example of this is the abrupt termination by NBC News of Ronna McDaniel, former chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. NBC News hired McDaniel on March 22, 2024 as a contributor, which given her position in the Republican Party was meant to be a contrasting conservative viewpoint on the otherwise left-leaning news network. McDaniel, of course, is a strong ally of President Trump, and her hiring led to outrage among other hosts for this. NBC immediately buckled under this pressure and parted ways with McDaniel days later.

Now, of course NBC is a private business and as such can manage its employees as it sees fit. But the firing McDaniel is yet another reminder of the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to free speech. The Democratic Party and its allies in the legacy media constantly boast that the stands for free speech and tolerance of differing opinions, but when they are actually faced with having to interact with someone with someone of differing viewpoints the aforementioned Overton Window is promptly closed, in this case solely because Ronna McDaniel is a conservative who supports President Trump. NBC has no problem, however, with having a rotation of Democratic Party operatives and blatantly partisan hosts. For example, Jenn Psaki, the former Press Secretary for President Biden, hosts a show that is virtually identical to that role.

To put it simply, the left-wing hypocrisy regarding freedom of speech goes hand-in-glove with the spinelessness of the legacy media

By Ryan Christie

An entire generation of Americans remembers the excitement of the Space Race of the 1960’s, when in 1961 President John F. Kennedy tasked the nation with a successful crewed moon landing by the end of the decade, which of course was fulfilled on July 20th, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, with Neil Armstrong uttering the famous words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Recently, the American space program has been reinvigorated by private industry, such as Elon Musk’s Space X. In this case, a company called Intuitive Machines out of Texas has successfully built a new lunar lander, named Odysseus, nicknamed “Odie”, and has become the first American made spacecraft to touch down on the moon in over 50 years. With the support of the aforementioned private industries, the American space program is heading towards a renaissance, with another crewed Moon landing planned for the coming years and even a Mars expedition sometime in the decades to come.

The American space program of the 2020’s has much in common with the space program of the 1960’s. Like in the 1960’s, the America of the 2020’s is an often confusing and turbulent place, a time where the country seems to be mired in self-doubt. Yet, watching the American flag placed on the Moon and being saluted by Buzz Aldrin no doubt stirred in many a feeling of hope. America’s scientific and technological capabilities are by far the best in the world, and should be a source pride for our nation.

By Ryan Christie

“Never Again becomes more than a slogan: It is a prayer, a promise, a vow- never again the glorification of base, ugly, dark violence”

-Elie Wiesel

“Never Again”, as written above by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, is not just about the Holocaust, it is a plea for humanity to remember the past and learn from it, a reminder of the dangers of ignorance and complacency in regards. 

Antisemitism, unfortunately, has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. Centuries of abuse and discrimination culminated in the Holocaust, where 6 million Jews, or up to 2/3rd of the European Jewish population were systemically and brutally executed. It lives on in collective memory as an appalling example of human evil. When it comes to the Holocaust, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with that description.

It has been over two months since the brutal attack on the people of Israel by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7th. Images of hostages and mutilated corpses were shared by Hamas themselves, openly displaying their carnage for the world to see. Israel is justified in rooting out Hamas, as it’s genocidal aims obviously form a grave security threat to the state of Israel and the Jewish people. Israel is not invading Gaza out some malevolent colonialist intent, but because the Israeli people carry the promise of “Never Again”, the collective memories of millions of their ancestors who suffered and died for centuries in their hearts.

Unfortunately, there are numerous left-wing people in the West that do not understand this. They spin Israel’s response, as stated above, into a malevolent colonialist expedition serving no other purpose than to inflict wanton destruction and death onto the Palestinian people. Furthermore, these supposed “liberals” are completely ignorant of the reality that the government of Palestine, which is Hamas, is a theocratic, corrupt body that adheres to absolutely none of the values that the West holds- rule of law, separation of church and state, equal rights, and so forth.

In America in particular, this tolerance for illiberalism based on a Marxist interpretation of the War in Gaza should alarming on a number of levels. One, that a sizeable number of people, particularly young people, are ignorant of the history of discrimination of the Jewish people and thus have a poor understanding of why Israel is so aggressive in its response to attacks on itself. Two, that these people similarly lack an understanding of the complexities of the situation itself and see it simply as a Marxist conflict of the oppressed vs oppressor. Given the recent rise in antisemitism, this does not bode well for neither the Jewish people or the continued intellectual health of the West.     

by Ryan Christie

At the conclusion of World War II, The United States emerged as the preeminent world superpower, and for the most part, it has been a global force for good ever since. However, under the weak and incompetent leadership of Joe Biden’s administration, the world is unraveling at an alarming rate. First came the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the country, along with a trove of taxpayer-funded American military equipment and intelligence falling to the Taliban. Emboldened by this unprecedented American foreign policy failure, Russia subsequently invaded Ukraine, which has caused a seemingly endless war that has rattled the world economy and is presently sucking billions of dollars from a United States plagued by recession and teetering on the verge of recession.

It is now October 2023, and once again the stage is set for another horrible conflict. On October 7th, Hamas, the terrorist regime currently controlling the Palestinian government, along with other allied terrorist groups, invaded and infiltrated Israel. What unfolded was some of the most horrifying violence against the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Hamas released videos of themselves indiscriminately murdering, torturing and kidnapping Israeli citizens, including children and the elderly.

What does this have to do with the United States directly? After all, the Middle East has been plagued by violence for centuries, and the Arab-Israeli conflict in particular has been going back and forth since the day Israel was formed in 1948. The truth is that Hamas, along with its Lebanese counterpoint Hezbollah, are directly funded by Iran, with the objective of waging war on Israel.

On March 12th, 2023, a prisoner swap of the two countries resulted in the thaw of $7 billion in frozen Iranian oil money, which, given the sophistication of the Hamas infiltration, was likely the source of its funding. In the end, when the United States is weak, and is unwilling/unable to project a strong foreign policy, hostile foreign entities, be they Russia, China, Iran or various Islamic terrorist organizations, will try to fill that gap. When that happens, carnage ensues.

by Ryan Christie

The role of the Speaker of the House is becoming an increasingly thankless and difficult job, especially for a Republican. This is clear with the October 3rd removal of Kevin McCarthy, in a completely needless and unconstructive act led by Matt Gaetz, the Republican congressman from Florida’s 1st Congressional district.

The reality of the situation is that currently the Democratic Party holds the Presidency and a Senate Majority (albeit narrowly), and the Republicans hold a very slim House majority. This means that current dealings with the opposition will not always be the most favorable to conservatives. Kevin McCarthy’s record as Speaker is not perfect by any means, but it is commendable given the above limitations. There is a serious discipline problem inside the Republican Party, one that constantly replacing the Speaker is not going to fix.

A group of eight Republicans inadvertently aiding the Democratic Party and the Biden Administration by undermining the Republican agenda cannot continue. The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden’s presidency has been a complete disaster for the United States. Inflated prices of food and fuel foreshadow a recession. America’s stature on the world’s stage has been diminished, and domestically, crime and a decaying social fabric threaten the long-term stability of our country.

Any spotlight on the Republican’s inner squabbles takes away from that fact, and as the 2024 election approaches it is imperative that the Republicans unite against this continued state of decline. Hence, whoever is the next Speaker must reinstate some form of discipline.

September 11th, like the attack on Pearl Harbor sixty years earlier, is a date which will forever live in infamy. On that day, Americans woke to a horrific image of smoke billowing out of the World Trade Center; the horrid conclusion of a year’s long plan by 19 terrorists to hijack four airliners to destroy prominent seats of American government and commerce.

In all, nearly 3000 people were killed, and between 6,000-30,000 were injured, many developing lifelong severe health complications from the attack.

September 11th proved that the complacency resulting from the end of the Cold War was false, for simmering in the Middle East was a well funded, well organized cabal of terrorists, whose belief in religious totalitarianism and rejection of American values of republican democracy, human rights and of individual freedom made Islamic fundamentalist terrorism a emerging threat.

Twenty-two years later, unfortunately, it seems that far too many people, namely politicians, have forgot the lessons of that day. September 11th highlighted the the bravery and invaluable service of our first responders. But in the 2020’s, we have decided to malign police officers and idiotically deprive them of the tools and funding needed to serve their communities. September 11th reminded us that for all our differences, Americans are citizens of the same country, and that an attack on some of us is an attack on all of us. Instead, tribalism according to political leanings, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic factors are encouraged and celebrated, further threatening the social cohesion of our country. September 11th exposed the threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, but Joe Biden has chosen to ignore that threat by attempting to reinstate the Iran Nuclear deal and overseeing the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which returned control of a very strategic country to the types of people who orchestrated the September 11th attacks in the first place. 

On this day, September 11th, let us remember the dead and wounded, honor the heroic first responders who willingly sacrificed themselves out of moral duty, and honor the service men and women who keep our country free. 

Over the past few weeks, you’ve likely heard of the film Sound of Freedom. It’s been highly successful, grossing some 155 million dollars against a budget of 14 million. It’s also been critiqued by some critics as a “right-wing” or “Christian,” when in reality, it is neither.

If you aren’t familiar with the film’s background, it is inspired by the work of Tim Ballard, an anti-human trafficking advocate who, along with his organization Operation Underground Railroad, is credited with rescuing thousands of victims of child trafficking. The film itself is a story of a long journey by Tim Ballard to reunite a father with his two children, a brother and sister, who are unwittingly abducted by a “talent scout”, and sold to pedophiles.

Owing to its subject matter, the film does not spare the viewer from the sheer evil of pedophilia, the agony and fear the victims of human trafficking face, and the immense pain their families face as they try to find justice. Ultimately, the film is about how, while human beings are indeed capable of great evil, they are equally capable in great acts of courage, heroism, and compassion.

Sound of Freedom is not a film that can be reviewed in a normal sense. While at the surface, the film can be exciting, as Tim travels through dense jungles and exotic city streets, pursuing criminals seeking justice, the film is not meant to entertain. Yet, the film has been labeled falsely as a “Christian” or “right-wing” film.

The only indication of any sort of religious sentiment in the film is the phrase “God’s children are not for sale,” which has since become a rallying call of sorts among the audience. The film has no politics, left or right. Its sole advocacy is for child victims of human trafficking, asking of its audience to awaken a sense of moral duty in themselves, to understand and be compassionate towards the suffering of others. The fact that, somehow this has become a political issue is a sad testament to the current polarization in our country.  

By Ryan Christie, Humboldt County Republican Party Communications Chairman

The American Way, what is it? A good understanding lays in Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota, the famous monument to past presidents, specifically George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. When you see Mt. Rushmore, what do you see? Unfortunately, far too many people simply see four historical figures, long dead, completely irrelevant to their day-to-day life. Worse still, too many people see them as malevolent bigots, figures to be condemned and erased. But in the lives of these great men, we see examples to live by and the spirit that makes this country great.

George Washington was not only our first President, but a lifelong soldier who commanded the forces in the American Revolution. This is a testament of the importance of military service in our country, as just as it was back then as now, the freedom of this country relies on the service of the armed forces. In his farewell address as President, Washington spoke of the importance of national unity and warned of the political dangers of regionalism, partisanship, and foreign influence- exactly the problems plaguing modern America. This is a reminder that there is truth and relevance in old wisdom.

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, was a brilliant man. A polymath, his interests outside politics and philosophy ranged from architecture, food, biology and linguists. His expedition to the Pacific, a daunting journey through thousands of miles of wilderness, a journey that brought immense knowledge about the topography, environment and Native Americans that lived there. A nation is made strong by ambition, daring and intellectual curiosity.

Abraham Lincoln entered the White House in 1860- one of the most trying and tumultuous times in our country’s history. A decade’s long dispute over slavery cumulated into civil war, but the Union remained intact, and the 13th Amendment was passed, ending slavery once and for all. Lincoln was a master orator and a gifted writer, a reminder that one needs a strong voice to combat moral wrongs in society.

Theodore Roosevelt was considered the President that brought America into the 20th century, a man with a strong vision for the future. Roosevelt strengthened the United States Navy into what would be the most powerful naval force in the world and orchestrated the construction of the Panama Canal. He modernized many laws relating to child labor, environmental conservation, and monopolistic practices by certain businesses. This belief in investing in the future, of an America confident and optimistic would make The United States the superpower it was through the twentieth century and through the present.

The American Way is not just some slogan; it is a mindset and a philosophy. It requires a respect for the past and of the wisdom of those that came before but also a consideration for the future; the refusal or inability to do either is a road to ruin.

By: Ryan Christie

It is hardly debatable that June 16th, 2015, was a significant day in the history of American politics. On that day, Donald Trump came down an escalator at Trump Tower to announce his bid for the 2016 Presidential Election, which he went on to win against Hillary Clinton in a historic upset. The Democratic Party and its allies in the media simply could not handle this, and as a result they spent his entire term actively undermining him, with 24-hour mudslinging and two attempts at impeachment that went nowhere. 

Now we fast forward to spring 2023, Trump has been out of office for the past two years, and America is not in a good place. Crimes rates are rising; inflation, high fuel prices, and a looming recession are eroding the economy, and a sense of deep pessimism and fatigue abounds amongst the American people. Donald Trump announced his reelection bid for the 2024 Presidential Election on November 15th, 2022.

Five months later, the former president was indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on charges related to alleged campaign finance irregularities years later. Make no mistake, this is an attempt to unduly influence the election and is unprecedented in politics. The weaponization of the legal system for sheer partisan machinations is extremely damaging to the country, not just for the legal system but for our social fabric.