Election Integrity Needs You

Humboldt County elections rely on hundreds of volunteers administer elections. Each election requires 350 volunteers to work at the polls, 15-20 volunteers to maintain vote by mail ballot drop boxes, 15-20 volunteers to help receive materials on Election Night, extra-help staffing to help administer the election, not to mention volunteers to serve as watchers and observers to ensure Humboldt County’s elections are administered with integrity.

Humboldt County needs Republicans to stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved. We need YOU!

About the company

On Jan 6, 2020 I went to my first Humboldt County Republican Central Committee Meeting. I just could not stand by anymore and felt the need to get involved. My top priority was Election Integrity. I attend monthly CAGOP Election Integrity zoom meetings along with officers from other counties in California and CAGOP officials. We learn and brainstorm ways to fight the good fight.   

Susan Moxon
CAGOP Election Integrity Officer
Humboldt County CA

How can you uphold election integrity in Humboldt County?

There are many ways you can engage in the electoral process to hold elected and appointed government officials accountable. If you are interested in volunteering, contact election Integrity Co-Chair Susan Moxon at [email protected].

Poll Workers & Observers