Why vote on election day at the polls?

There was a time when voters could have confidence in the electoral process. Election Day was just that, one day, a single day where voters would visit their assigned polling place and cast their ballot, exercising their voice in how the United States of America, their state, and local government should be run.

Over the last two years, California has issued Executive Orders and passed laws mandating that every active voter on the voter roll will receive a vote by mail ballot. Voters do not have the option to “opt out”. With a population of 40 million people, California will have millions of ballots circulating all over the United States and across the world for every single election.

vote on election day

With all of the uncertainty about election integrity, many people wonder if they should vote in person, vote by mail, or drop off their voted vote by mail ballot at a polling place or the Humboldt County Office of Elections.

Voter vs. the “Machine” How David Can Once Again Slay the Giant

by: Election Integrity Project of California

The Election Integrity Project of California wrote an informational article, titled Voter vs. the “Machine” How David Can Once Again Slay the Giant , that provides some valuable insight on this question. According to the Election Integrity Project of California, a growing amount of evidence is revealing that electronic voting machines can be programmed with algorithms with predetermined election results. Algorithms must be adjusted in the election administrators canvassing computers throughout the tabulation period to adjust numbers to appear credible. High turnouts of in-person voting is the best way to prevent algorithm tampering from being unnoticeable. While there is no evidence these practices are occurring in Humboldt County, the only way to expose this method of “massaging” vote data is to vote in person.

Read or download the article, “Voter vs. the “Machine” How David Can Once Again Slay the Giant”, here: https://www.eip-ca.com/articles/voter_vs_machine.html.

For more information about the Election Integrity Project of California, visit https://www.eip-ca.com/who-we-are.htm.


Vote on Election Day