What is the Voter’s Choice Act (VCA)?

The Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) is a voting model defined in California Election Code, Section 4005. The California Secretary of State is strongly encouraging county election officials to transition from a traditional voting model to the VCA model. But, what does this really mean?

The VCA model provides 11 days of voting for voters at any full-service voter center in Humboldt County to register to vote, be issued another ballot, cast a ballot, or drop-off a vote by mail ballot.

Shortfalls of the VCA voting model include:

Who decides which voting model Humboldt County will use?

On March 15, 2022, Registrar of Voters Kelly Sanders came before the board for approval to receive funds from the Secretary of State to move Humboldt County to a VCA voting model. The Registrar of Voters has sole discretion of what voting model Humboldt County will use. On November 8, voters will elect a new Registrar of Voters, who will then have the sole discretion of which voting model to use.

What you can do

Make your voice heard.

If you don’t want internet connectivity at the polls, inexperienced poll workers updating Humboldt County’s voter roll, reduced ballot paper control, and unnecessary spending for costly elections, make your voice heard.

Contact the Registrar of Voters: 707-445-7481 / [email protected]

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