One of the most troubling aspects of 2020’s America is the significant uptick in violent crime in America’s major cities. Nowhere is this more evident than in New York City, where the subway in particular is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to be. In fact, ridership has declined an estimated 40% from 2019 to 2022.

All this came to a head on the afternoon on May 1st, where a 30 year old homeless man, Jordan Neely boarded a subway train, and began screaming at the other passengers. According to them, Neely also threw trash at them. As he did so, Daniel Penny, a 24 year old former Marine, came up behind and put him in a chokehold, which he shortly died from.

Jordan Neely, by all accounts, was a very troubled man. He had schizophrenia, and had been homeless for much of his short life. He had been arrested at least 42 times, and at the time of his death was wanted on a warrant stemming from charges of felony assault of a 67 year old woman.

Our cities have grown more dangerous because left-wing prosecutors have decided to no longer prosecute certain crimes, and actively undermined the ability of the police to do their jobs. The homeless and the mentally ill are left to wander the streets, posing a hazard to themselves and others. That is inhumane. When politicians actively ignore the suffering and lack of safety in their communities, they no longer deserve your tax dollars or votes. Hold them accountable. Learn about what you can do to assist law enforcement and make your community a safer place.