The future of California looks grim if nothing changes. Just take a walk down city streets or visit any businesses if you don’t believe me – our communities are descending into lawlessness. Last year, California’s homicide rate jumped 9.1% from the year before, marking the state’s deadliest year since 2007. 

It wasn’t just homicides. According to vulnerable Democrat Attorney General Rob Bonta’s annual Crime in California report, violent crime, property crime, rape and motor vehicle theft rates were all up in 2021. So, what decreased? The total number of arrests fell by more than 7%. 

It’s no wonder residents are leaving our state. In the span of a few days this summer, a NASCAR driver was stabbed to death by a homeless man, a Buena Park amusement park closed early due to repeated violence, and Starbucks closed several stores, deeming them “unsafe to continue to operate.” Californians must remain vigilant to simply get through the day.

Sadly, California has become the national poster child for crime and chaos. But Democrat-run cities across the country are reeling from soft-on-crime policies, too. Last year, 12 Democrat-run cities saw record homicides rates. This year, six cities – including Los Angeles – are on pace to exceed the massive levels of violent crime they saw last year. Catalytic converter thefts were up 33 percent nationwide. 

What, then, is the common thread – between California and nationwide crime? Soft-on-crime policies pushed by radical Democrats like defunding the police, downgrading sentences, weakened bail policies, and outright forgoing prosecutions are responsible. And don’t take it from me. Take it from our law enforcement. Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John McKinney blamed “bad law and bad policy.” Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook blamed Los Angeles’ woke bail reform laws…  

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