The Humboldt County Republican Party presented an inviting ‘Candidate Meet and Greet’  on January 19, 2024 in Eureka, CA. From 5:00 to 7:00 PM, community members had the unique opportunity to interact directly with the candidates.

Characterized by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the event offered attendees a chance to enjoy appetizers accompanied by a selection of wine, beer, or coffee. This casual setting fostered meaningful conversations between the candidates, party members, and attendees at the event.

A notable presence was Chris Coulombe, the HCRC-endorsed candidate for District 2 U.S. Representative. Coulombe engaged with guests, discussing his commitment to strong, principled values and his stance on various issues critical to the constituency.

The event also featured Michelle Bushnell, the HCRC-endorsed candidate seeking re-election as Supervisor for District 2. Bushnell shared insights into her first term and outlined her continued plans for the district. Rounding out the HCRC-endorsed candidates was Michael Greer, who is vying for District 2 Assembly. Greg Kreis, who is running for re-election as Superior Court Judge, was introduced to the attendees.

Additionally, Roy Gomez, who is vying for the District 3 Supervisor seat, was introduced to the attendees, along with Rex Bohn, who is campaigning for re-election as the District 1 Supervisor.

Each candidate seized the moment to captivate the attendees, sharing their accomplishments and perspectives. They articulated their visions and explained why they believed they were the best choices for their respective positions in the upcoming primary election.

The event marked a significant moment for the Humboldt County Republican Party, as it provided a platform for open dialogue and connection between the candidates and the community they aim to serve.

The meet and greet was not only a testament to the Humboldt County Republican Party’s commitment to transparency and engagement but also a vital step in informing and involving the electorate in the democratic process.

A Grand Welcome

The atmosphere was electric at the Sequoia Conference Center as attendees gathered for the 2023 Annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner. MC Chairwoman Susan Moxon set the tone for the evening, warmly welcoming a diverse crowd of local Republican supporters. The room buzzed with excitement as she introduced Committee Chairs from various California counties and dignitaries from Humboldt County. Local star Sabrina Francis Gasdik led the crowd in a soul-stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. The audience stood in unison as the national anthem reverberated through the venue.

A Message That Resonated

Harmeet Dhillon, the keynote speaker, captivated everyone with her compelling message. She emphasized the crucial role parents play in their children’s lives, urging them to be vigilant about their education. A key point of her message was to urge us all as parents and caregivers to pay attention to what our children are reading, the clubs they join, and the messages they receive. Dhillon also spoke about the unsettling times we live in, warning against governmental overreach and the erosion of individual freedoms. Her words left the room in thoughtful silence, pondering the call to action.

A Feast to Savor

The dinner, catered by Dorris and Daughter, was nothing short of spectacular. Guests enjoyed a wonderful spread featuring tri-tip, pecan chicken, spinach and Caesar salads, garlic smashed potatoes, and freshly baked rolls. The meal concluded on a sweet note with decadent chocolate cake and a vanilla cake roll.

A Night of Surprises

The silent auction was a highlight, featuring an array of exciting items that had everyone buzzing, including: 

  • Victorian Inn-Suite for one night and Dinner – Lowell and Jenny
  • Dick Taylor Chocolate Variety Basket – Minnie Wolf
  • Culinary Basket – Lisa Morehouse
  • Limited Edition Print of Stellers Jay – Kathrin Burleson
  • Garden Treasure – Shafer’s Ace Hardware
  • Sequoia Tree Plague – Bay Tank and Boilerworks
  • Handmade Pillow – by Louise Gabriella-Genova
  • Going “Nuts” Basket – Susan Moxon
  • Trump Hitch Cover – Paradise Cay Publications
  • Angel of Prayers Statue – Visiting Angels
  • Holy Bible – Nina Groth
  • Redwood Forest Metal Wall Hanging – Lee Cunningham
  • 1 Cord of Firewood – HCSO
  • Desert Wine & Dick Taylor Chocolate – Minnie Wolf
  • Portrait of Ronald Reagan, original painting – Dennis Crozier
  • Connie Lee Original Sweater – Guy and Linda Hooper
  • God and Your Brain and You Book – Nina Groth
  • Wooden Flag Cutting Board – Made and donated by Rich Moxon
  • Succulent Garden in Designer Bowl – Jerrie Bartley
  • Handmade Necklace – Minnie Wolf
  • Weber Kettle – McKinleyville Ace
  • Old Growth Assorted Wines – Old Growth Cellars
  • Handmade Fleece Blanket and Doggy Basket – Don and Kay Becker
  • Patriotic Tote – Susan Moxon
  • Vintage American Flag – Jerrie Bartley
  • Hand Stitched Quilt, Old Glory – Jane Chapelle
  • Hand Made Patriotic Quilt – Jane Chapelle
  • North Coast Hitching Post Cottage, one night stay – Heidi Rubalcava
  • A Fine Bottle of Whiskey – Heidi Rubalcava

Nina Groth was the lucky winner of the Opportunity Drawing, taking home a beautiful Adirondack Glider donated by Rich Moxon.

A Community United

Before and after dinner, the attendees had an opportunity to network and connect with each other; the venue was abuzz with conversation and camaraderie. Attendees engaged in both serious discussions and lighthearted banter, embodying the Republican spirit of community and unity.

A Roaring Success

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee and the Humboldt Republican Women. Their dedication made the 2023 Lincoln Reagan Dinner a roaring success, setting a high bar for future events.As the night came to a close, one thing was clear: this was not just an event but a rallying cry for community involvement and a celebration of shared values. Here’s to many more Lincoln Reagan Dinners to come!

By Ryan Christie, Humboldt County Republican Party Communications Chairman

The American Way, what is it? A good understanding lays in Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota, the famous monument to past presidents, specifically George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. When you see Mt. Rushmore, what do you see? Unfortunately, far too many people simply see four historical figures, long dead, completely irrelevant to their day-to-day life. Worse still, too many people see them as malevolent bigots, figures to be condemned and erased. But in the lives of these great men, we see examples to live by and the spirit that makes this country great.

George Washington was not only our first President, but a lifelong soldier who commanded the forces in the American Revolution. This is a testament of the importance of military service in our country, as just as it was back then as now, the freedom of this country relies on the service of the armed forces. In his farewell address as President, Washington spoke of the importance of national unity and warned of the political dangers of regionalism, partisanship, and foreign influence- exactly the problems plaguing modern America. This is a reminder that there is truth and relevance in old wisdom.

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, was a brilliant man. A polymath, his interests outside politics and philosophy ranged from architecture, food, biology and linguists. His expedition to the Pacific, a daunting journey through thousands of miles of wilderness, a journey that brought immense knowledge about the topography, environment and Native Americans that lived there. A nation is made strong by ambition, daring and intellectual curiosity.

Abraham Lincoln entered the White House in 1860- one of the most trying and tumultuous times in our country’s history. A decade’s long dispute over slavery cumulated into civil war, but the Union remained intact, and the 13th Amendment was passed, ending slavery once and for all. Lincoln was a master orator and a gifted writer, a reminder that one needs a strong voice to combat moral wrongs in society.

Theodore Roosevelt was considered the President that brought America into the 20th century, a man with a strong vision for the future. Roosevelt strengthened the United States Navy into what would be the most powerful naval force in the world and orchestrated the construction of the Panama Canal. He modernized many laws relating to child labor, environmental conservation, and monopolistic practices by certain businesses. This belief in investing in the future, of an America confident and optimistic would make The United States the superpower it was through the twentieth century and through the present.

The American Way is not just some slogan; it is a mindset and a philosophy. It requires a respect for the past and of the wisdom of those that came before but also a consideration for the future; the refusal or inability to do either is a road to ruin.

Humboldt Republicans have been working to upgrade our office in Eureka. We are gearing up for the 2024 election and all of the activities leading up to November. The interior has a fresh coat of paint. We have ordered new patriotic merchandise, including hats, flags and shirts. To spruce up the outside of the office, we have ordered a bright, new sign. Please stop by to shop and chat with our office staff 

Tuesday-Friday from 10 am until 1:00 pm.

311 5th Street


Across from Starbucks

Look for out booth at the Redwood Acres Fair

June 21- 25

Upcoming Meetings:

Humboldt Republican Women’s Meeting

*Thursday May 18- 

*Doors open at 10:30 and meeting begins at 11:15

*Eureka Veteran’s Memorial Building

1020 H Street, Eureka

*Attendance only is $5 / Sandwich and salad lunch option is $20- both include coffee & water

*Our speaker will be Pete Johnston- Timber Heritage Association

*Meeting open to all registered Republicans

**************RSVP  [email protected]*************

Republican Central Committee Meeting

*Tuesday, June 6 at 6pm

*311 5th Street, Eureka

*Our speaker will be Juan Cervantes-Humboldt County Registrar of Voters

*Business meeting to follow.

*Meeting open to all registered Republicans. 

*RSVP  707-442-2259 or [email protected]*

Republicans must stick together and stand up for what we believe in. Please join us.


Susan Moxon

Volunteer and Chairwoman Humboldt Republicans