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The Humboldt County Republican Party endorses the following candidates for the November 8, 2022 Statewide General Election:

GovernorBrian Dahle
Lt. GovernorAngela Underwood Jacobs
Secretary of StateRob Bernosky
ControllerLanhee Chen
TreasurerJack Guerrero
Attorney GeneralNathan Hockman
Insurance CommissionerRobert Howell
Superintendent of Public InstructionLance Christiansen
Board of EqualizationPeter Verbica
US Senator (Full Term)Mark Meuser
US Senator (Partial Term)Mark Meuser
US Representative – District 2Reverend Douglas Brower
State Senate – District 2Gene Yoono
State Assembly District 2Charlotte Svolos


Senator Brian Dahle

Californians have endured some of the worst years in California’s history, and shouldn’t have to endure 4 more. Skyrocketing food and gas prices, the highest crime rate in decades, the poorest education rates in the nation, deadly wildfires, and the some of the highest cost of living in the nation are no longer acceptable. Californians deserve actual solutions to the problems this administration has created using new strategies, fresh voices, and outstanding leadership that refuses to pander to bureaucracy and won’t be bought by special interests.


Lt. Governor

Angela Underwood Jacobs

Angela was born and raised in California. She is a wife, mother and dedicated public servant. She loves our state but has watched it become dysfunctional to the point of making it hard to survive in California. Her top priority is reducing crime.


Secretary of State

Rob Bernosky

Married to Jennifer for over 30 years, raising 3 children in public schools, while working in and enjoying the great state of California to its fullest is a great reason to give back to the people that make it happen.



Lanhee Chen

Lanhee Chen is a leader, problem-solver and educator who has built his career on tackling some of California and America’s biggest fiscal policy challenges. He was raised in Southern California and is the son of immigrants from Taiwan. After earning four degrees from Harvard University, including a law degree and doctorate in political science, he served in senior roles in both Republican and Democratic presidential administrations.



Jack Guerrero

Jack Guerrero brings a unique combination of public and private sector experience, with a quintessential American story. Jack’s experience as Mayor, City Councilmember, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Stanford economics graduate, Harvard MBA, Bank Vice President, Treasury professional, auditor of municipalities and government agencies, investment banker, and M&A due diligence advisor to Fortune 500 companies (with professional stints in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Zurich) – establishes him as the candidate with BOTH Treasury experience AND a public service record of fighting for taxpayers and working people.


Attorney General

Nathan Hochman

Nathan Hochman is a lifelong Californian— he was born here, grew up here, went to school here, met his wife here, and raised his kids here. After graduating magna cum laude from Brown University, earning his law degree from Stanford Law School, and clerking for a federal judge, Nathan followed in his father’s footsteps and served as an Assistant US Attorney for the Central District of California.


Insurance Commissioner

Robert Howell

Voting for Robert Howell means better and more affordable insurance rates for Californians. Voting for Robert Howell will take the politics out of paying your insurance bills resulting in fair and equitable treatment for all Californians. He pledged to not take insurance company political donations.


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lance Christensen

While the Superintendent does not write the laws on education policy, he can advocate for wise policymaking and implement regulations judiciously. He also oversees a multi-billion-dollar administration that can either help or frustrate the needs of local school districts. Ultimately, the Superintendent needs to balance the needs of the state with the desires and passions of parents, who are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. 


Board of Equalization

Peter Verbica

Peter Coe Verbica is a fifth-generation Californian, who learned the importance of a strong work ethic growing up on a cattle ranch. Trained in business, real estate, law, and as a Certified Financial Planner®, he brings extensive professional experience to the Board of Equalization, which oversees 58 county assessors who value and tax property throughout California.  He currently serves as a Managing Director at Silicon Private Wealth and Viant Capital.  Peter understands that Californians want good-paying jobs, safe neighborhoods, housing for teachers and first responders, and high-quality schools.


U.S. Senator- Full Term
U.S. Senator- Partial Term

Mark Meuser

D.C. is broken and the politicians do not know how to fix it because they do not understand why our founding fathers established a constitutional republic to begin with. Over the last year, I have traveled to all 58 counties in this state and I have talked with tens of thousands of voters. As a result of these conversations, and my understanding on how a constitutional republic works, I have developed my seven point People’s Plan. This is our plan on what we need to do to bring back good government to D.C. and this nation.


U.S. Representative- District 2

Reverend Douglas Brower

As a public servant, I have served on the City of Ferndale Design Review Committee, the Planning Commission, as an elected City Councilman, an educator at local drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs as well as various other committees.  I feel that I have a finger on the pulse of our district with regards to our major issues like homelessness, economics, wildfires, drought, Covid-19, gas prices, taxes, and infrastructure. I would like to ask each of you, no matter what side of the isle you are on to pray for me, to vote for me and to support my campaign financially if you can. May God Bless us all.


State Senate- District 2

Gene Yoon

I never believed I would run for office. For over two decades, I built a career in technology, finance, and law. I’ve been lucky to live a classic story of success according to the dreams of my immigrant parents: from valedictorian of my public high school in New Jersey, to studying politics at Princeton and law at NYU, to working in startups and tech giants in the Bay Area, to a beautiful life today in Lake County.


State Assembly

Charlotte Svolos

Svolos earned her both her bachelor’s in psychology and her master’s in special education from Cal State University Dominguez Hills. She is employed as a public school special education teacher.

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